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Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching, using Akashic Records intuitive reading and Life Coaching tools.

Price: 450 Ron (or 100 EUR) per session

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Uncover Your “Divine Gifts”

Do you ask yourself what are you good at, what type of job/activity is the best fit? What is your calling? Employee or entrepreneur?

Knowing what are your Divine Gifts will give you clarity on all the above questions and more.

In this session you receive:

  • Uncover your Divine Gifts (based on your primary energy center and Soul group of origination).
  • Identify if you are aligned with your gifts or you express the negative polarity/ of it.
  • What are the dysfunctional aspects of your soul group/energy and how to address it/avoid it.
  • Guidance on aligning to your divine blueprint.

Price: 250 RON (or 60 EUR) per session

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Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment via Soul Realignment (www.soulrealignment.com) method.

Price: 570 RON (130 EUR) per session.

The session includes Soul Profile and Holistic Coaching

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